TerraGroup - from the supply of building materials to the building of unique structures.

The main activities of Tetra Group are the design and construction of objects for social and industrial use, restoration and reconstruction of sites of cultural and historical importance, and the construction of housing.

The constant innovation of our experts, the use of advanced construction technology, and the application of experience gained from the completion of previous projects, allows for the fast, efficient and high quality construction of new buildings.


The main advantages are undoubtedly their creative approach and unique architectural solutions. The work of Head Architect Azer Humbetli Stands out in particular.


An architect - builder by trade, Azer is the author of many original and exclusive projects, such as Liman Park, Izmir Park, private villas, entertainment centres, amusement parks etc.


"Architecture is the harmony of place, time, possibility and person."

We are glad to offer to our clients the performance of both individual work items and the whole complex of construction works: designing and working out of business plans, performing of the functions of general contract and technical customer, handovers the key-ready objects to commission, etc.

Today Construction Company Classic is a close-knit team of professionals oriented at solving the most sophisticated and unforeseen tasks. This factor, allows us to be optimistic about the future of our company that has already constructed dozens of big and middle-scale objects.

Baku, Azerbaijan
I.Hidayetzadeh str; 51A

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